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Episode 18

Published on:

28th Dec 2022

Ep. 18 Six Things I Learned From Fundraising

Capping off 2022, Sandra shares the valuable lessons from the transformative experience of fundraising during this year’s final months. From the mindset and conquering past money wounds to the due diligence and networking needed, this short episode will give you the adrenaline boost to launch into 2023 with a checklist to inspire confidence in your own personal mission!

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The Nopalera Podcast
If you are a bootstrapped entrepreneur/founder ready to build a business that can scale, this podcast is for you.
My name is Sandra Velasquez and I am the Founder of Nopalera, a Mexican Botanical Bath & Body brand that celebrates an elevates culture. I founded Nopalera with a vision to change the cultural perception of the value of Latino goods in the marketplace while inspiring my community to stand in their worth. This podcast is a mix of solo episodes and conversations with industry friends where I discuss the strategies, systems, ups & downs, of building a brand from the ground up. I am very passionate about providing access to my fellow entrepreneurs about what it's really like to build a business that can scale. If you are a bootstrapped founder too, this is for you. This is for us.